L Carnosine – Discover The Health Benefits of This Amazing “Anti-Aging Nutrient”

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L Carnosine is classified as a di-peptide which is naturally present in the brain, heart, skeletal muscle and other innervated tissues. The word di-peptide means that it has resulted from the combination of two amino acids. Carnosine is the result of the chemical combination of L histidine and Beta alanine.

In fact, with the passage of age the concentration of L-Carnosine declines in our muscles.

Carnosine Benefits

1) It is also highly sought after as among the popular “anti-aging nutrient” in the recent years due to its role in diminishing and offsetting the substances called as AGEs — which are abnormal and cross-linking proteins that cause premature aging.

2) Carnosine also plays a key role in diminishing the breakdown of elasticity and cross-linking of collagen in our skin. In this way, it prevents wrinkle formations and also helps in slowing down skin aging.

3) Among the other Carnosine benefits include its role in preventing joint inflammation, cataract formation and atherosclerosis.

4) It also helps to chelate (pull out) different types of toxins from our body. Carnosine chemically binds certain type of toxic metals and neutralizes the damage that would have otherwise been caused by them.

5) Carnosine regulates copper and zinc within our body.

6) It also provides protection against neurological disorders like strokes or Alzheimer’s disease.

How does L-Carnosine provide such protection?

A lot of neurological disorders in the body occur due to a condition called excitotoxicity. Excitotoxicity results from sensitivity to glutamate. It might lead to damage in brain cells as glutamate is the main excitatory neurotransmitter. In other words, excitotoxicity can lead to a kind of “chain reaction” and the end result would be cell death.

Scientific evidence proves that L Carnosine helps to protect the cells from excitotoxic death.

Featured Product

Xtend-Life is a company from New Zealand that produces an excellent product containing L Carnosine. New Zealand is among the countries that have the strictest regulatory environment in the world regarding manufacture of nutritional supplements. These standards far exceed the standards laid by the US FDA.

The flagship formula of Xtend-Life is a product called Total Balance. It contains L-Carnosine and a wide range of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, speciality nutrients and enzymes.

In fact, it also contains a majority of the supplements that have been covered on this entire site! We have been personally taking Total Balance for the last few years with outstanding results such as — an increase in our energy, mental clarity and focus, and a general feeling of well-being.

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